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  Coastal Biota Inventories

Coastal Biota Inventories

Our research vessel Aphrodite is equipped for shallow water sampling with trawls, dredges, grabs. and plankton nets. .

It is also used as a platform for SCUBA diving, and deployment of Seamor, a shallow water ROV. Aphrodite accommodates up to 12 passengers, has a cruising speed of 25 knots and a range of about 70 nautical miles. It is trailerable

KML has basic facilities for mapping the shoreline and sampling biota (survey equipment, GPS, quadrat frames, etc.) Most survey sites are reached by the
shallow draft, aluminum hulled Aphrodite. But trucks, float planes and helicopters are also employed.

KML has logged over 8,000 sites along most of the coastline of British Columbia



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