Family Oscarellidae [in Plakinidae by some]

Oscarella carmela Muricy & Pearse 2004

       CCal, NCal,Oreg, BC in Vancouver Aquarium Science Centre and      

       in Marine Ecology Centre.


Family Plakinidae [Halinidae; incl. Corticiidae]

Plakina atka Lehnert, Stone & Heimler 2005   [SEM]

      Aleut‑BC; shallow; *Jervis Inlet, BC:WCA*


Plakina species cf. brachylopha Topsent 1928

BC; shallow; *Portland Canal, BC, 200m:WCA*


Plakina monolopha Schulze 1880

BC; shallow; *Endeavor Ridge, BC, 2400m:WCA*


Plakina species cf. trilopha Schulze 1880

        *Saanich Inlet, BC 90m: WCA


?Plakinastrella new species

SA1ask; littoral; *Windfall I., Alaska:WCA





Family  Ancorinidae (Stellettidae) (incl.  Coppatiidae in part)

Penares cortius de Laubenfels 1930   [SEM]

SAlask‑BC‑SCal, Baja?, Jap; littoral


Penares saccharis (de Laubenfels 1930)

        CCal;  littoral (may = Penares cortius)


Stelletta clarella de Laubenfels 1930  [SEM]

SAlask-BC‑Mex, Chile; littoral; *Dixon I, BC:WCA*  (=Stelletta estrella de Laubenfels 1930)


Stelletta validissima Thiele 1898

Jap‑BerS, BC; shallow


Stelletta species cf. normani (Sollas 1880)

BC; shallow; *Kitasu Bay, BC:WCA/BO (Dragmastra)



Family Calthropellidae


Family Geodiidae [Revision in prep. by Carla M.M. da Silva et al.]

Geodia mesotriaena Lendenfeld 1910  [SEM]

SAlask‑SCal; shallow; [G. agassizi] Lendenfeld 1910; G. breviana

        Lendenfeld 1910; Cydonium muelleri of Lambe 1893a, non G. mesotriaena

        Hentschel 1929; non? littoral Geodia in SCal


Geodinella robusta Lendenfeld 1910  [SEM]

        Jap‑Aleut‑BC‑SCal; shallow  (Geodia per Systema p. 138,  Sidonops per     

       Systema p. 141)


Sidonops angulata Lendenfeld 1910

C‑SCal; shallow; [=? S. bicolor Lendenfeld 1910; Geodia?]



Family Pachastrellidae [Astrostreptidae;  incl. Theneidae]

Poecillastra japonica (Thiele 1898)  [SEM]

NWPac‑BerS‑BC,NAtl; shallow; [P. compressa japonica OF Koltun;



Poecillastra tenuilaminaris (Sollas 1886)

Japan, BC; C-SCal  shallow; *off Barkley Sound, BD:WCA* [Poecillastra rickettsi de  Laubenfels 1930] [might be placed in Volcanella based on presence of cribriporal oscula surrounded by palisade of oxea in some specimens]



Family Thrombidae




Family Samidae


Family Scleritodermidae


Family Spirasigmidae


Family Tetillidae [incl. Craniellidae]

Craniella arb (de Laubenfels 1930)   [SEM]

CCal‑BajaCal; littoral [Tetilla]; probably = C. villosa:WCA/BO


Craniella spinosa Lambe 1893b   [SEM]

Aleut‑BC; shallow; [Tetilla]


Craniella villosa Lambe 1893b   [SEM]

Aleut‑BC; littoral


Tetilla species A of Hartman 1975

CCal; littoral

Tetilla sp. B of Hartman 1975

        CCal;  littoral



“Order LITHISTIDA” [DESMOPHORIDA] [problematic Order as likely polyphyletic]

Family Azoricidae


Family Corallistidae


Family Desmanthidae


Family Isoraphiniidae


Family Leiodermatiidae (Azoricidae)


Family Macandrewiidae


Family Neopeltidae (Siphonidiidae)


Family Phymaraphiniidae


Family Phymatellidae


Family Pleromidae


Family Scleritodermidae


Family Siphonidiidae


Family Theonellidae


Family Vetulinidae




Family Acanthochaetetidae


Family Alectonidae


Family Clionaidae [old name Clionidae is syn. with Pteropod family]

Cliona cf. argus laevicollis Thiele 1908 [SEM]

BC, Jap; littoral; *Quatsino Sd. BC:WCA/BO*


Cliona californiana  (de Laubenfels 1932) [SEM]

SAlask‑Baja Cal; littoral  [Cliona celata var. californiana de Laubenfels 1932;  Pseudosuberites pseudos] Dickinson 1945


Cliona lobata Hancock 1849 [SEM]

BC, CCal. Atl; littoral; *Nootka I, BC:WCA/BO*


Cliona species of Hartman 1975

CCal ; littoral


Pione gibraltarensis  Austin, Ott, Reiswig, Romagosa, and McDaniel 2014

       BC; littoral; *Gibraltar I. Brakley Sd, BC:WCA/BO*



Family Hemiasterallidae



Family Polymastiidae

Polymastia kurilensis Koltun 1962   [SEM]

Jap‑BerS‑SAlask; shallow


Polymastia pachymastia de Laubenfels 1932 [SEM]

Aleut‑CCal; littoral;      


Polymastia pacifica Lambe 1893b    [SEM]

Aleut‑BC; shallow; *Jervis Inlet, BC:WCA/BO*


Polymastia picesae Austin, Ott, Reiswig, Romagosa, and McDaniel 2014.  [SEM]

       BC; deep; *Observatory Inlet, BC:WCA/BO*


Radiella endeavourensis Austin, Ott, Reiswig, Romagosa, and McDaniel 2014.[SEM]

        SAlask, Wash; deep;  *Endeavor Ridge, Wash: WCA/BO*  (Polymastia)


Sphaerotylus verenae Austin, Ott, Reiswig, Romagosa, and McDaniel 2014.  [SEM]

Wash; deep; *Endeavor Ridge, Wash, 2500m:WCA/BO*


Sphaerotylus raphidiphora Austin, Ott, Reiswig, Romagosa, McDaniel 2014 [SEM]

        SAlask; deep


Weberella perlucida  Austin, Ott, Reiswig, Romagosa, and McDaniel 2014.  [SEM]

BC; shallow; *Stubbs I, BC:WCA/BO*



Family Placospongiidae


Family Sollasellidae


Family Spirastrellidae [Choanitidae]

Spheciospongia confoederata de Laubenfels 1930

CCal‑BajaCal; littoral


Family Stylocordylidae [Podospongiidael


Family Suberitida

Aaptos species

    *S. of Fleming I., BC; 63m:WCA


Aaptos simplex (Lambe 1893b)    [SEM]

    BC; shallow  [Suberites]


Homaxinella amphispicula (de Laubenfels 1961)   [SEM]

   BC‑Wash; shallow; [in Raspailia by some;  may include Homaxinella 

   subdula OF Kultun 1959 in part]; *Graham I, BC:WCA/BO*  (transferred

   from Syringella based on Porifera Systema 2002 p. 232)


Prosuberites saanichensis Austin, Ott, Reiswig, Romagosa, McDaniel 2014.   [SEM]

BC; shallow; *Jervis Inlet, BC:WCA/60*


Protosuberites species of Hartman 1975

CCal; littoral


Rhizaxinella gadus (de Laubenfels 1926)

CCal, SCal;  shallow; [Suberites]


Suberites domuncula (Olivi 1792) forma latus Lambe 1893  [SEM]

BerS‑Wash; littoral; [Suberites domuncula (Olivi 1792) forma latus Lambe 1893 of authors; Choanites suberea var. lata of de Laubenfels 1961,  Suberites ficus of Bakus 1987 of authors in NE Pacific]


Suberites lambei Austin, Ott, Reiswig, Romagosa, and McDaniel 2014 [SEM]


Suberites concinnus Lambe 1895 [SEM]

NWpac-BerS-BC; Shallow; [S. montiniger Carter 1880 of Koltun 1966, of Austin & Ott 1987]



Family Tethyidae

Tethya californiana (de Laubenfels, 1932)   [SEM]

      BC‑Central Calif, littoral, [T. aurantia of authors in NEP]


Family Timeidae


Family Trachycladidae




Family Chondrosidae




Order VERTICILLITIDA [“Sphinctozoa”]

Family Verticillidae




Family Agelasidae


Family Astroscleridae




Family Axinellidae

Auletta krautteri  Austin, Ott, Reiswig, Romagosa, McDaniel  2014 [SEM] 

       SAlask‑BC; shallow; *Dixon Entrance, BC:WCA/BO*


Axinella species 

        BC; shallow; *Q. Charlotte Sd., BC:WCA*


Dragmacidon kishinense  Austin, Ott, Reiswig, Romagosa, McDaniel  2014

BC; littoral; *Execution Rock, BC:WCA/BO* (Pseudaxinella).


Family Heteroxyidae (Desmoxyidae)

Halicnemia patera Bowerbank 1864

        BC, NAtl; shallow; *Saannich Inlet, BC:WCA*


Higginsia species

        BC, CCal; littoral; *Arbutus I, BC:WCA/BO*


Family Dictyonellidae

?Acanthella species

        Rennell Sd., Queen Charlotte Is., BC; Shallow;  MleBlanc



Family Halichondridae

Axinyssa  tuscarus (Ristau 1978)

N‑CCal; shallow; [Axinomimus]


Ciocalypta penicillus Bowerbank 1864

BC, Pac, Atl, Ind; shallow; *BC:WCA/BO*


Eumastia sitiens Schmidt 1870

BerS‑BC; shallow; [subgenus of Halichondria per Systema Porifera p. 800; Pellina]


Halichondria bowerbanki Burton 1930

BC‑CCal,NAtl; littoral; (H. panicea of authors in part NEPacl)

*Bamfield, BC:WCA/BO*


Halichondria species aff. fibrosa Fristedt 1887

BC; shallow; *Saanich Inlet, BC:WCA/BO*


Halichondria species cf. genetrix Schmidt 1870

SAlask; littoral; *Windfall 1, Alaska:WCA/BO*


Halichondria lambei Brdnsted 1933

Aleut, BC; deep; *Gordon Channel, BC:WCA/BO*


Halichondria panicea (Pallas 1766)   [SEM]

Alask‑Mex, NPac, NAtl; littoral


Halichondria new species? cf. bowerbanki

BC; littoral; *Bamfield, BC:WCA/HMReiswig*


Halichondria new species

BC; littoral; *Bradys Beach, BC:WCA/BO*


Leucophloeus actites Ristau 1978

NCal; littoral [in Ciocalypta per Systema Porifera p. 796]


Leucophloeus new species cf. subacerata (Ridley & Dandy 1886)    [SEM]

BC; shallow; *Knight Inlet, BC:WCA/BO* [in Ciocalypta per Systema Porifera

p. 796]


Topsentia disparilis (Lambe 1893b)

NWPac‑BerS‑BC; shallow; [from Halichondria:WCA]; *Barkley Sd, BC:WCA/BO*



Family Heteroxyidae (Desmoxyidae)

Halicnemia patera Bowerbank 1864

BC,NAtl; shallow; *Saanich Inlet, BC:WCA*


Higginsia species

BC, CCal; littoral; *Arbutus I, BC:WCA/BO*



Family Hymeniacidonidae [included in Halichondridae by  Systema Porifera p. 787]

Hymeniacidon aff. perleve Montague 1818

BC, CCal, littoral; *Departure Bay, BC:WCA/BO*


Hymeniacidon sinapium de Laubenfels 1930

C‑BajaCal; littoral;


Hymeniacidon species cf. sinapium OF de Laubenfels 1930 in part

BC; littoral; [similar to form described from southern California)

*Trial Islands, BC:WCA/BO*


Hymeniacidon ungodon de Laubenfels 1932

BC‑CCal; littoral; *Execution Rock, BC:WCA/BO*


Hymeniacidon species cf. Stylotella columella (Bowerbank 1866)

BC; shallow; Jervis Inlet, BC:WCA/BO*


Rhaphoxya species

BC; deep; *Fisher Channel, BC:WCA/BO*


? Spongosorites species cf. annandalei (Ferrer‑Hernandez 1922)

BC; shallow;  [Oxeostilon] *Trevor Channel, BC:WCA/BO*


Stylinos new species    [SEM]

BC; littoral; *Jervis Inlet, BC:WCA/BO* [Hymeniacidon per Systema Porifera p. 664]






Family Cladorhizidae

Asbestopluma biserialis Ridley & Dendy 1886

BC, BajaCal, SPac; deep; *Explorer Ridge, BC:WCA*


Asbestopluma occidentalis (Lambe 1893b)   [SEM]

NWPac‑BerS‑BC,SCal; shallow; [Lycopodina; Esperella, A. lycopodium

(Levinsen 1886) OF Koltun in part; A. hadalis Levi 1964]


Asbestopluma species cf. bihamatifera Carter 1876

BC; deep; *Explorer Ridge, BC:WCA*


Asbestopluma species cf. ramosa Koltun 1958

        [Kuriles], BC; deep; *Explorer Ridge, BC:WCA*   =?  CCal, deep [branching,

        MBARI; also branching:  A. furcata Lundbeck]


Chondrocladia species cf. koltuni  Vacelet 2005 p. 558

       CCal, deep   [branch at one pt., on end of stalk, MBARI] [C. koltuni near Bering 

       I, 5249m]


Chondrocladia species  cf.  concrescens Schmidt 1880; cf. michaelsarsii Arneson  

       1920 CCal, deep   [branch along vertical stalk, MBARI] unlike C. gigantea &

        other club shaped species


Chondrocladia lyra  Lee, L. W., Reiswig, H. M., Austin, W.C., Lundsten, L. [SEM]

       CCal, deep   [branch along 1 side of horizontal stalk, MBARI]


Lollipocladia tiburoni Vacelet 2008

       CCal, deep  Vance Seamount


Family Desmacellidae  (Biemnidae,  Sigmaxinellidae)

Biemna rhadia de Laubenfels 1930   [SEM]

SAlask‑GulfCal; shallow; *Kodiak Alaska:WCA/BO*


Biemna species cf. megalosigma Hentschel 1912

BC; shallow; *Saanich Inlet, BC:WCA/BO*


Desmacella annexa (Schmidt, 1870)

        [Biemna, Tylodesma]  Jervis Inlet, BC 384m:WCA


Desmacella austini  Lehnert, Conway, Barrie, Krautter 2005

BC,CCal; deep; [D. vagabunda OF de Laubenfels 1932 non D. vagabunda Schmidt 1870];   *Fitz Hugh Sound, BC:WCA/BO*, shallow


Desmacella species

       Anthony I, BC:WCA



Family Esperiopsidae

Esperiopsis species cf. stipula

BC; shallow; *Burke Channel, BC:WCA/BO*


Esperiopsis species cf. villosa (Carter 1874)

BC; deep; *Fisher Channel, BC:WCA/BO*


Amphilectus digitatus (Miklucho‑Maclay 1870)   [SEM]

Jap‑BerS‑BC; shallow; [Isodictya per Systema Porifera p. 704; Neoesperiopsis; Esperiopsis; Esperiopsis quatsinoensis Lambe 1893a; Isodictya quatsinoensis of Hartman 1958 part; Amphilectis]


Amphilectus infundibula Koltun 1956

        NWPac‑Alask‑BC; deep [Esperiapsis digitata infundibula Koltun 1956

        Isodictya per Systema Porifera p. 704] Neoesperiopsis; *Dean Channel, 



Amphilectus laxus (Lambe 1893a)  

BC; shal; [Isodictya per Systema Porifera p. 704; Neoesperiopsis; Isodictya quatsinoensis of Hartman 1958]


Amphilectus rigida (Lambe 1893a)   [SEM]

SAlask‑BC; littoral; [Isodictya per Systema Porifera p. 704a; Neoesperiopsis; Esperiopsis; Isodictya quatsinoensis of Hartman 1958, part]


Amphilectus vancouverensis (Lambe 1893a)  [SEM]

BC; shallow; [Isodictya per Systema Porifera p. 704; Neoesperiopsis; Esperiopsis; Isodictya quatsinoensis of Hartman 1958, part]


 Semisuberites cribrosa (Michlucho-Maclay, 1870)

        Atl Arctic, N Alask-BC-Wash, shal [Stylissa stipitata de Laubenfels, 1961,   

        Veluspa, Phakettia


Family Guitarridae

Guitarra abbotti Lee 1987

        CCal, shallow



Family Hamacanthidae

Hamacantha (Vomerula) hyaloderma (de Laubenfels 1932)    [SEM]

BC‑CCal; littoral [Zygherpe]


Pozziella species aff. clavisaepta Topsent 1896

        Wash; deep; *Endeavor Ridge, Wash, 2500m:WCA*


Family Isodictyidae


Family Mycalidae

Mycale adhaerens (Lambe 1893b)   [SEM]

BerS‑Wash,NEAtl; littoral; [Esperella]


Mycale bamfieldense Reiswig & Kaiser 1989

            BC, littoral  (in subgenus Aegograpila per Sytema Porifera p. 679)


Mycale bellabellensis (Lambe 1905)    [SEM]

        BC‑CCal; shallow; [Esperella]


Mycale hispida (Lambe 1894)    [SEM]  X

NEPac‑Aleut‑Wash; littoral; [Esperella]


Mycale lingua (Bowerbank 1866)    [SEM]

Arc‑Aleut‑BC, Atl, Antarc; deep; [Esperella; non Mycale lingua of Bakus 1966 in Wash.]; *Knight Inlet, BC:WCA/BO*


Mycale lobata (Bowerbank 1866)   [SEM]  X

NWPac‑Alask‑BC,Atl; littoral; [Mycalecarmia; Esperella modesta Lambe 1895; Mycale babici of de Laubenfels 1949]; *off Vancouver 1, BC:WCA/BO*


Mycale loveni (Fristedt 1887)

NWPac‑BerS‑BC; deep; [Mycalecarmia; Clathrial]; *Cape St. James, BC:WCA/BO*


Mycale macginitiei de Laubenfels 1930   [SEM]

BC‑CCal, Jap‑Korea; littoral; (Carmia); *Anthony 1. BC:WCA/BO*


Mycale richardsoni Bakus 1966    [SEM]

BC‑Wash; shallow


Mycale toporoki Koltun 1958

        Jap, NWPac‑BerS, CCal


Mycale cf toporoki Koltun 1958

BC‑Wash; littoral; [Esperella lingua of Lambe 1895; Mycale lingua of Bakus 1966 in Wash]


Paresperella psila de Laubenfels 1930    [SEM]

BC‑SCal; littoral; [Mycale; Esperella serratohamata of Lambe]; *Long Beach, BC:WCA/BO*




Family Chondropsidae

Psammoclema new species

BC, Littoral (Psammopemma) *Execution Rock Cave,  Barkley Sound: WCA/BO



Family  Coelosphaeridae

Chaetodoryx new species

BC; shallow; *Bowie Seamount, Wash.:WCA/BO*


Ectyodoryx species

BC; deep; *Fitz Hugh Sd, BC:WCA/BD* [as subgenus of Lissodendoryx per Systema Porifera p. 544]


Forcepia (Forcepia) elvini Lee 2001

            CCal,  shallow


Forcepia (Forcepia) hartmani Lee 2001    [SEM]

BC, CCal; littoral [Lissodendoryx firma of Hartman 1975 in part; Forcepia sp. of Austin & Ott, 1987]; *Seapool Rocks, BC:WCA/BO*


Forcepia (Forcepia) hymena  (de Laubenfels 1930)

CCal; deep [Wilsa]


Inflatella species B  [SEM]

BC; shallow; *Barkley Sd, BC:WCA/BO*


Jones amaknakensis (Lambe 1895)   [SEM]

BerS‑CCal; littoral; [Myxilla; Lissodendoryx noxiosa de Laubenfels 1932; Jones is a synonym of Lyssodendoryx per Systema Porifera p. 540]


Lissodendoryx firma (Lambe 1895)  [SEM]

BerS‑CCal; littoral; [Myxilla; Lissodendoryx noxiosa de Laubenfels 1932]


Lissodendoryx kyma de Laubenfels 1930

CCal; deep; [Merriamum]


?Lissodendoryx rex de Laubenfels 1932

CCal; deep


Lissodendoryx new species   [SEM]

BC; littoral; *Bradys Beach, BC:WCA/BO*



Family Crambeidae

Monanchora alaskensis (Lambe 1895)  [SEM]

BerS‑BC; littoral; [Chondrocladia, Stelodoryx, non Stelodoryx alaskensis of Koltun1958]; *Pine I. BC:WCA/BO*


Monanchora pulchra (Lambe 1895)   [SEM]

NWPac‑Alask; shallow; [Chondrocladia]



Family Crellidae

Crellomima species?

BC; deep; *Fitz Hugh Sd, BC:WCA/BO*



Family Dendoricellidae



Family Hymedesmiidae [including Anchinoidae]

Acanthancora cyanocrypta (de Laubenfels 1930)

BC,C‑SCal; littoral; [Hymenamphiastra; Hymedesmia  by some]  *Execution Rock Cave, BC:WCA*


Arndtanchora new species    [SEM]

BC;  shallow [Hymenanchora per Systema Porifera p.606] *Jervis Inlet, BC:WCA/BO*


Hamigera new species    [SEM]      

BC‑Wash; littoral; [Lissodendoryx aff. kyma of Bakus 1966]; *Observatory Inlet, BC:WCA/80*


Hymedesanisochela rayae Bakus 1966   [SEM]

BC‑CCal; littoral; [in Hymedesmia by some, in Iophon per Systema Porifera

p. 424] *Anthony I, BC:WCA *


Hymedesmia species cf. consanguinea Lundbeck 1910

BC; shallow; *Vananda Cove, BC:WCA/BO*


Hymedesmia species cf. procumbens Lundbeck 1910 

BC; shallow; *Soquel Bank, BC:WCA/BO*


Hymedesmia species A of Hartman 1975

BC, CCal; littoral; *Anthony I, BC: WCA


Hymedesmia species B of Hartman 1975

CCal;  littoral


Hymedesmia species C of Ott & Austin

BC; shallow; *Vananda Cove, BC:WCA/BO*


Hymedesmia species D of Ott & Austin   [SEM]

BC; deep; *Portland Canal, BC:WCA/BO*


Hymedesmia species E of Austin

         BC, littoral, *Chad I., BC: WCA [green]


?Kirkpatrickia  topsenti (de Laubenfels 1930)   [SEM]

BC, CCal‑SCal; littoral; [Tedania; Lissodendoryx; Tedania toxicalis de Laubenfels 1930]: *Anthony I, BC:WCA


Phorbas species aff. behringi (Koltun 1958)

SAlask; shallow; [Lissodendoryx, Merriamum]; *Kodiak I, Alaska:WCA/BO*


Phorbas oxeota (Koltun 1958)

NWPac, BC; shallow; [Lissodendoryx; Merriamum] *Jervis Inlet, BC:WCA/BO*


Phorbas species aff. Lissodendoryx ivanovi (Koltun 1958)

BC; shallow; [Merriamum] *Queen Charlotte Sd, BC:WCA/BO*


Phorbas species

CCal; *CCal:WCA/WLee* [Stylostichon]


Phorbas species

       BC;  *Cobb Seamount, 290m: WCA


Plocamionida lyoni  (Bakus 1966)   [SEM]

BC‑Wash, CCal; littoral; [Hymendectyon] *Pt. Lobos, Ca:WCA/WLee*


Podotuberculum hoffmanni Bakus 1966   [SEM]

BC‑Wash; littoral; [Phorbis in Systema Porifera p. 585]*Tasu Inlet, BC:WCA/80*


Stylopus arndti (de Laubenfels 1930)     [SEM]

BC, CCal; littoral; [?Astylinifer; subgenus of Hymedesmia per Systema Porifera

p. 582] *Execution Rock, BC:WCA/BO*


Stylopus aff. primitiva (Lundbeck 1910)

BC; shallow; [Hymedesmia primitival]; Howe Sd, BC:WCA/BO*



Family Myxillidae [incl. Acarniidae]

Ectyomyxilla  parasitica (Lambe 1894)   [SEM]  X

BC; shallow; [a subgenus of Myxilla per Systema Porifera p. 614; Ectyodoryx; non M. parasitica of de Laubenfels 1932; only known from type]


Hymenanchora species?

BC: shallow; *Burke Channel, BC:WCA/80*


Myxilla agennes deLaubenfels 1930



Myxilla behringensis Lambe 1895

SAlask-BC; littoral


Myxilla incrustans (Esper 1805‑1814)  [SEM]

Jap‑BerS‑SCal,NAtl; littoral; [Myxilla rosacea Lambe 1893b; Myxilla barentsi Lambe 1895]


Myxilla lacunosa Lambe 1893a    [SEM]

Aleut‑BC; shallow [in subgenus Burtonanchora per Systema Porifera p. 613]


Plocamiancora  igzo (de Laubenfels 1932)

BC, CCal‑Mex; littoral; [Plocamia, Plocamissa]  *Houston-Stewart Channel, Q. Ch. Is., BC:WCA


Stelotrochota hartmani Bakus 1966   [SEM]

BC‑Wash; shallow; *Jervis Inlet, BC:WCA/BO* [Ectyonopsis per Systema Porifera p. 603]



Family Phellodermidae

Phelloderma bruuni (Levi 1964)

      SAlask, SPac; deep [Abyssocladia]



Family Phoriospongiidae



Family Tedaniidae [in Myxillidae by some]

Tedania fragilis Lambe 1895   [SEM]

NWPac‑Alask‑Wash; shallow


Tedania gurjanovae Koltun 1958    [SEM]

NWPac, BC‑Wash; shallow; *Mendocino State Pk, Cal:WCA/WLee*


Tedania species cf. microrhaphidiophora Burton 1935 [SEM] 

Alask‑BC; shallow; *Howe Sd, BC:WCA/BO*


Tedania obscurata  (de Laubenfels 1930)

Wash, CCal ; Littoral [Tedanione]




Family Acarnidae [incl. Iophonidae ]

Acarnus erithaceus de Laubenfels 1927    [SEM]

SAlask‑GulfCal; littoral; *Forester 1, Alaska:WCA/BO*


Iophon lamella Wilson 1904,  [SEM]

BC‑SCal; shallow; [Iophon cheliferum Ridley & Dendy 1886 var. californiana (de Laubenfels 1932) I. pattersoni OF Bakus 1966 in NEPac]


Iophon piceus (Vosmaer 1881) var. pacifica Koltun 1958  [SEM] 

NWPac, BC; shallow; *Canoe Islet, BC:WCA/BO*


?Wigginsia wigginsi de Laubenfels 1953    [SEM]

        BC; shallow; *Dixon Entrance, BC:WCA/BO*



Family Microcionidae [including Clathriidae, Ophlitaspongidae]

Anaata brepha (de Laubenfels 1930)

BC-CCal; littoral; [Aaata; in Clathria per Systema Porifera p. 440]; Jervis Inlet, BC:WCA/BO*


Anaata spongigartina (de Laubenfels 1930)     [SEM]

BC,CCal; littoral; [Aaata; in Clathria per Systema Porifera p. 440]; Anthony I. BC:WCA/BO*


Antho (Acarnia) karykina (de Laubenfels 1927)    [SEM]                

BC‑SCal; [Plocamia]  littoral;  *Anthony 1, BC:WCA/BO*


Antho species cf. Plocamia cf ambigua (Bowerbank, 1866)

        BC, deep *Hecate Strait, BC sta. 5: WCA


Antho (Acarnia) illgi (Bakus 1966)    [SEM]

BC‑SCal; littoral; [Plocamilla][Louis Creek, BC:WCA/BO*


Antho (Antho) jia (de Laubenfels 1930)

CCal; deep [Jia]


Antho (Acarnia) lambei (Burton 1935)    [SEM]

BC‑SCal; littoral; [Plocamia manaarensis of Lambe 1895;  Plocamilla zimmeri Bakus 1966]


Antho (antho) lithophoenix (de Laubenfels 1927)

C‑SCal; littoral; [Isociona; Plocamia]


Anthoarcuata graceae Bakus 1966    [SEM]

BC‑Wash,CCal; shallow; [Burtonanchora lacunosa OF de Laubenfels; in Antho per Systema Porifera p. 456]; *Carmel Bay, Cal:WCA/WLee*


Artemisina archegona Ristau 1978

CCal; shallow


Axocielita originalis (de Laubenfels 1930)

SAlask-BC‑BajaCal; littoral; [Esperiopsis; Axocielita hartmani Simpson 1966; in Clathria by some] *Smith I, Alask:WCA*


Clathria species of Hartman 1975

CCal,BC; littoral


?Dictyociona  asodes (de Laubenfels 1930)

BC,CCal; littoral; [Eurypon; Holorodesmia; Hymedesmia; Leptoclathria; in Clathria per Systema Porifera p. 437] *Anthony I, BC:WCA *


Microciona microjoanna de Laubenfels 1930

Wash,C‑SCal; littoral [in Clathria per Systema Porifera p. 440]


Microciona parthena de Laubenfels 1930  [SEM]

C-SCal; littoral  [in Clathria per Systema Porifera p. 440]


Microciona primitiva Koltun 1955

BC,BerS; shallow; [in Clathria per Systema Porifera p. 440] *Knight Inlet, BC:WCA/BO*


Microciona prolifera (Ellis & Solander 1786)     [SEM]

Intro Wash, CCal; Atl; littoral; [in Clathria per Systema Porifera p. 440] *Willapa Bay, Wash:J Carlton*


Ophlitaspongia pennata (Lambe 1895)

NWPac, BC‑SCal-Mex; littoral; [Desmacella; Biemna; Tylodesma,  in Echinoclathria per Systema Porifera p. 467]


Thalysias laevigata (Lambe 1894)  X

BC,Jap; shallow; [Clathria (laevigata) per systema porifera p. 447]


?Wilsonella  pseudonapya de Laubenfels 1930

CCal; littoral [Clathriopsamma; in Clathria per Systema Porifera p. 439]



Family  Raspailiidae [including Euryponidae]

Eurypon sp. cf. clavata  (Bowerbank 1874)

BC; shallow; *Saanich Inlet, BC:WCA/BO*


Eurypon? species

BC; shallow; *Jervis Inlet, BC:WCA/BO*


Hemectyon hyle de Laubenfels 1930  [SEM]

BC, SCal‑Mex; shallow; [in Endectyon per Systema Porif. p. 485] *Flamingo Inlet, BC:WCA/BO*


Hymeraphia stellifera Bowerbank 1866    [SEM]

BC, NAtl; shallow; *off Moreton I, BC:WCA/BO*


Tricheurypon species

       Cobb Sea Mount 290m  [in Euypon per Systema Porifera p.488]



Family Rhabderemiidae




Suborder LATRUNCULINA [per Porifera Systema 2002; in Hadromerida by some]

Family Latrunculiidae

Latrunculia (Biannulata) austini Samaai, Gibbons, & Kelly 2006

BC; shallow; *Jervis Inlet, BC:WCA/BO*


Latrunculia species cf. tricincta Hentschel 1929   [SEM]

          Wash; deep; *Endeavor Ridge, off Wash:WCA/BO*




Order HAPLOSCLERIDA  [undergoing major revisions which not all reflected below at this time]


Family Calcifibrospongidae



Family Callyspongiidae [in Chalinidae by some]



Family Chalinidae [incl. Haliclonidae, Renieridae, Adociidae]

Adocia dubia Ristau 1978

NCal; littoral  [Haliclona (Haliclona) per Systema Porifera p. 863]


Adocia gellindra (de Laubenfels 1932

BC‑Mex;   littoral; [Haliclona (Halichoclona) per Systema Porifera p. 862];

*Execution Rock, BC:WCA/BO*


?Adocia species

        BC, shallow


?Adocia species cf. Reniera foraminosa Topsent 1904

BC; littoral; *Jervis Inlet, BC:WCA/BO*  [Haliclona (Haliclona) per Systema Porifera p. 863]


Cladocroce species cf. gaussiana(Hentschel 1914)

BC; shallow; *Dixon Entrance, BC:WCA/BO* [Toxiclona]


Haliclona ecbasisde Laubenfels 1930

SCal; littoral; [Acervochalina; non H. ecbasis of Fell 1970]


Haliclona oculata (Pallas 1766)

Alask‑BC; shallow; *Ucluelet, BC:WCA/BO*


Haliclona species A of Hartman 1975   

SAlask-BC‑SCal; littoral; [H. permollis OF Hartman 1954,  OF de Laubenfels 1961 Haliclona (Reniera cinerea per Systema Porifera p. 868]  *Smith I, Alask:WCA


Haliclona species B of Hartman 1975

BC, CCal; littoral; [=? Haliclona ecbasis OF Fell 1970, non de Laubenfels 19301 *Tsawwassen, BC: BO


Haliclona species cf. loosanoffi  Hartman 1958

        BC, littoral  *Gibralter I,  BC:WCA [Chalinula be some]


Orina species cf. Gellius ravus Stephens 1912

BC; littoral; *Ross Islets, BC:WCA/BO* [Haliclona (Gellius) per Systema Porifera p. 859]


Prianos problematicus de Laubenfels 1930    [SEM]

CCal; shallow  [in Haliclona (Reniera) per Systema Porifera p. 867 ]


Prianos species aff. problematicus de Laubenfels 1930 in Haliclona (Reniera) per

       Systema Porifera p. 867]; BC; shallow; *Self Point, Barkley Sd., BC:WCA/BO*


Reniera mollis Lambe 1894    [SEM]  X

BC; littoral  [Haliclona (Reniera) per Systema Porifera]


Reniera rufescens Lambe 1893a   [SEM]

NWPac‑Alask; shallow


Reniera species A  of Hartman 1975   [SEM]

         BC.  CCal;  littoral [may = Adocia gellindra in part]


Reniera species B of Hartman 1975

BC,CCal; littoral; *Execution Rock BC:WCA/BO*


Reniera species C

BC; shallow; *Meandering form, Jervis, BC:WCA/BO*


Reniera species D

BC; shallow; *on Hinnites, Str. Georgia, BC:WCA*


Sigmadocia edaphus (de Laubenfels 1930)    [SEM]

BC‑GulfCal; littoral; [Haliclona (Gellius) per Systema Porifera p. 859]  *Execution Rock, BC:WCA/BD*


Sigmadocia porosa Fristedt 1887

BerS‑BC,Atl; shallow; [Haliclona (Gellius) per Systema Porifera p. 859]  *Observatory Inlet, BC:WCA/BO*


Sigmadocia textapatina (de Laubenfels 1930)    [SEM]

CCal; deep; [Haliclona (Gellius) per Systema Porifera p. 859]


Sigmadocia species cf. fibulatus var. microsigma (Dendy 1916)

BC; littoral; [Haliclona (Gellius) per Systema Porifera p. 859]  *George Fraser I., BC:WCA/BO*


Sigmadocia species of Hartman 1975

BC?, CCal; littoral; [Haliclona (Gellius) per Systema Porifera p. 859]   *Horseshoe Bay, BC:WCA/BO*


Toxidocia borealis (Lambe 1895)   [SEM]   X

Jap‑Alask; shallow; [Toxochalina; Gellius; Patuloscula [Haliclona (Reniera) per Systema Porifera p. 867]


Toxidocia zumi Ristau 1978

C‑SCal; shallow   [Haliclona (Reniera) per Systema Porifera p. 867]


Toxidocia species of Hartman 1975

CCal; littoral  [Haliclona (Reniera) per Systema Porifera p. 867]


Toxidocia species A   [SEM]

BC; shallow; [Haliclona (Reniera) per Systema Porifera p. 867]  *Dixon Entrance, BC:WCA/BO*


Toxidocia species C

BC; deep; [Haliclona (Reniera) per Systema Porifera p. 867]   *Saanich Inlet, BC:WCA/BO*


Family Niphatidae [in Haliclonidae by some]

Niphates lunisimilis de Laubenfels 1930   [SEM]

BC; shallow; *Jervis Inlet, BC:WCA/BO*


Pachychalina species

BC; shallow *Globose form, Edward King 1, BC:WCA/BO*


Pachychalina species cf. schmidti (Lundbeck 1902)

BC; shallow; *Egmont, BC:WCA/80*





Family Petrosiidae [Nepheliospongiidae; in Haliclonidae by some]

Densa species?

BC; shallow; *Pt. Upwood, BC:WCA/BO* [in genus Xestospongia per Systema Porifera p. 916]


Neopetrosia vanilla (de Laubenfels 1930)     [SEM]

BC‑BajaCal; littoral; [Xestospongia Haliclona]l; *Execution Rock BC:WCA/BO*


Xestospongia diprosopia (de Laubenfels 1930)

CCal; deep; [Haliclona  may = X. coralloides Dendy 1924]


Xestospongia trindanea Ristau 1978

BC‑CCal; littoral; *Masterman I, BC:WCA/BO*


Xestospongia hispida (Ridley & Dandy 1886) OF Lambe 1895

SAlask; [Petrosia; =?X. trindanea Ristau 1978]



Family Phloeodictyidae  [including Oceanapiidae]

Calyx new species

         BC;  shallow;  *Edward King I, BC; shallow, N. McDaniel 


Oceanapia new species

         BC, shallow [Phloeodictyon]  *Execution Rock Cave, BC: WCA   





Family  Dysideidae [may be transferred to Dendroceratida per P. Berquist]

Dysidea amblia de Laubenfels 1930

C–S Cal; littoral


Dysidea fragilis (Montagu 1818)

BC; nearly Cosmo; littoral; *Execution Rock, BC:WCA*


Pleraplysilla  new species

BC; littoral; *Botanical Beach, BC: WCA*  [white/ivory form of Aplysilla glacialis of authors in NE Pacific  [in Pleraplysilla based on foreign material in the fibers]



Family Irciniidae



Family Spongiidae



Family  Thorectidae

Luffariella idea (de Laubenfels 1932)

CCal;  littoral; [Spongia,  Leiosella].  [The combined characters of: absence of dermal armor; primary but not secondary fibers filled with foreign material; and a tertiary fiber skeleton fit the diagnosis for the genus Luffariella]




Family  Darwinellidae  (Aplysillidae)

Aplysilla  new species (Merejkowsky 1878)

Alask‑CCal ,N Atl, Australia , S Am; littoral,  [Aplysilla glacialis of authors in NE Pacific]


Chelonaplysilla polyraphis (de Laubenfels 1930)

BC‑SCal, WPac; littoral; *Checleset Bay, BC:WCA*  [transfer to Chelonaplysilla based on presence of  foreign material  forming a reticulation in cortex;  spicules rather than sand grains are the source]



Family Dictyodendrillidae

Spongionella new species

     NCal, Oreg, BC,  littoral




Family Halisarcidae

Halisarca sacra de Laubenfels 1930

BC‑SCal; littoral; [may = H. dujardini Johnson 18421; *Portland Canal, BC:WCA*




Family Aplysinellidae


Family Aplysinidae


Family Ianthellidae?                                              

Hexadella new species

BC; shallow; *Jervis Inlet, BC:WCA*


Family Pseudoceratinidae