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  Marine Biodiversity



Bill Austin [1992]

Khoyatan Marine Laboratory & Marine Ecology Centre, Cowichan Bay

The summary below lists the approximate number of species [or in the case of seaweeds, also subspecies and varieties] which have been identified in the marine waters of British Columbia and adjacent areas of Washington. It excludes groups which are largely or all endoparasites. A question mark indicates that I have not yet found a relatively recent reference to species numbers in this region. Species which are not strictly marine but are largely or totally adjacent to or on the sea such as some plants and birds are also included. The total estimated number of known species is more than 7,000. It is likely that at least twice this number occur in British Columbia waters.

MONERA 225+?

Cyanobacteria [blue-green algae] 25+? [sensu Drouet 33 cosmo spp.]

Other bacteria [15 phyla] 200+?

PROTOCTISTA [18 of 27 phyla] 1600+?

Dinophyta [dinoflagellates] 210 [Wailes, '39 100 spp.]

Ciliophora [ciliates] 100+? [Wailes, '37 125 spp.]

Rhizopoda [e.g. amoebas] 10+? [Wailes, '37 5spp]

Actinopoda [radiolaria, heliozoa] 20 [Wailes, '37, 7 + 12 spp.]

Zoomastigina 30 [Wailes, Smith, Waters, etc.]

Foraminifera 200+? [Culver & Buzas'85 400 Or-Alask]

Chrysophyta [silicoflagellates +] 42 [Wailes '39,Smith, Waters,etc]

Bacillariophyta [diatoms] 300 [Cup'43+205 pel,Rao'76+ 130benth]

Labyrinthomorpha 1? [any of 10 sp. yet ident BC?]

Xanthophyta [e.g., Vaucheria] 4 [per UBC algal cklist 1989]

Haptophyta [coccolithophores] 40 [Smith, Waters, etc.]

Zoomastigina [Bodo, Choanoflag.+] 12+? [Wailes, 39, 12spp.]

Euglenaphyta [e.g. Euglena] 6 [Wailes, '39, 2spp.]


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