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Brittle Stars of British Columbia

Amphiodia occidentalis

     A. occidentalis        close up

 Amphiodia periacta

     A. periacta        close up

Amphiodia spp.

     Amphiodia         urtica

Amphiophiura ponderosa

Amphiopholis pugetana

Amphiopholis squamata

Amphioplus macraspis

Amphioplus strongyloplax

     Asteronyx        loveni

Gorgonocephalus eucnemis

Ophiacantha    bathybia

Ophiacantha catalemmodusi

Ophiacantha rhacophora

Ophiacantha sp.

Ophioleuce oxycraspedon

Ophiopholis aculeata

Ophiopholis  aculeata 2

Ophiopholis aculeata japonica

Ophiopholis bakeri

Ophioplocus esmarki

Ophiopteris papillosa

   Ophiothrix     spiculata

Ophiura luetkeni

Ophiura luetkeni  jaws closed

Ophiura luetkeni  jaws open


Ophiura spp.

Ophiura sarsi


4-arm anomaly


Disc regeneration

For more information on identification and natural history of  these brittle stars see: LAMBERT, P. & AUSTIN, W.C. (2007) Brittle Stars, Sea Urchins and Feather Stars of British Columbia , Southeast Alaska and Puget Sound .   Royal B.C. Museum .  Handbook Series. 150p




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