Octopus Marine Ecology Centre







Our History

The Marine Ecology Centre was built in 1991 and opened in November of that year. It was operated by the Friends of the Marine Ecology Station, a non-profit society. The Centre received support from the friends of MES, the local community, Town of Sidney, individuals and corporate sponsors. It operated educational programs year-round for school and college groups as well as for other organized groups and individuals.

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marine life marine life marine life marine life

The Marine Ecology Centre's Mission Statement.

  • Ecological education is to feel the sense of wonder in the world around us.

  • To explore this world for new ideas;

  • To appreciate the connectedness and synergy between life forms;

  • To experience the eureka of discovery

  • To become sensitized to our unique role in understanding and protecting nature;

  • And to offer to others the passions of a naturalist when sharing ideas and discoveries.

marine life marine life marine life marine life
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