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The new Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre will open on June 20th, 2009. For more information please visit their website


Marine Ecology Centre - Past Events

Low Tide Day 2004

Meet at the Marine Ecology Centre to learn about the life styles of our local clams, how to identify them, how to find them, and how and when to eat them Samples provided of legally processed clams compliments of Thrifty Foods.
We will then go out to the beach to survey the clam populations from high to low tide.
May 8, 2004, Sat. : 1 to 4 pm
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Low Tide Day 2001

This year station personnel journeyed to Cowichan Bay to celebrate Low Tide Day and foster stewardship of the rich but vulnerable sea life which lives between the high and low tide marks. To learn more about this year’s activities click here

Low Tide Day 2000

In spite of rainy weather, Low Tide Day drew about 100 people for a mixture of work, science, music and fun. 48 of the volunteers came to the beach cleanup in the morning, and 42 people went to the beach for a "critter count". The numbers of animals were counted in sample squares along the beach.
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Oceans Day 2004

Join a team of experts to explore and catalog the sea creatures along the Sidney beaches. This is an annual event where we choose a different area each year with a view toward mapping the marine habitats along the Sidney shoreline.
You can contribute while you learn. Meet at the Marine Ecology Centre: June 5, 2004, Sat.: 1-4pm. FREE

Summer Camp

Every summer the Marine Ecology Centre offers summer sience camps for kids ages 9 to 16. These camps offer hands on field and laboratory studies of marine ecology, oceanography, and animal behavior in Cowichan Bay and the adjacent estuary.

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