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Please cite as: Austin, W. C. 2003, 2008   Sponge gardens:  A hidden treasure in British Columbia.  Approx. 44 pp. 

Major contributors to the web site include: the Marine Ecology Centre, the Vancouver Aquarium Conservation Foundation, The Habitat Stewardship Program For Species at Risk (Fisheries & Oceans Canada and Environment Canada), TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, and the Victoria Dive Club.

In addition many other institutions and individuals have contributed to the
information included on the web site: University of Victoria (Dr. Sally Leys, Mr. Gary Silver), McGill University (Dr. Henry Reiswig),
University of  Alberta (Dr. Sally Leys), Bamfield Marine Centre, The Institute of Ocean Sciences (Dr. Ralph Brinkhurst, the Pilots and staff on Pisces IV, and ROPOS); The Pacific Geoscience Centre (Mr. Kim Conway, Dr. Vaughn Barrie), The University of Stuttgart (Dr. Manfred Krautter). Khoyatan Marine Laboratory (Dr. Bill Austin), Westwind Sea Lab Supplies (Yogi Carolsfield); the Victoria Dive Club (Mike Miles, Fred Holmes, Neil Lake, Tom Dakin, Doug Biffard, Joe Doiron, Carole Valkenier Pope, Ian Pope, Andy Murch, Sandie Hankewich, and Doug Campbell, Guy Shockey,  Mike Kalina, James Dranchuk, Mark Gottfried, Fred Peters, Kim Anderson, Rob Deproy, Kim Harrer, Scott Ensor, Kevin March, Elly Pendleton, Mike Walton), and the Marine Ecology Centre (Dr. Bill Austin, Jonathan Grant, Kim Kyba).   Bill Austin coordinated & wrote-up the project, John Austin (BCTN Online services)  designed and produced the web site, Paula Romagosa updated the web site. In addition, many divers took pictures some of which are incorporated in this web site; these include Mike Miles, Mike Kalina, Doug Bifford, Carole Valkenieer, Rob Deproy, Jonathan Grant, Andy Murch, Joe Doiron.  Bill Austin took the lab photos. 




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