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Cloud sponges are typically about one meter in size

One individual on Senanus Reef in Saanich Inlet  measured 3.4 meters long by 1.1 meters high by 0.5 meters wide


Cloud Sponge on Senanus Reef

Many of the cloud sponges in fjords have irregular shapes dominated by broad mittens or “elephant ears”  Note that the broad surface of the mittens tends to be oriented vertically. (Discussed further under Keeping Clean)


Cloud Sponges on Hecate Strait Sponge Reef

Sometimes the cloud sponges have a simpler vase shape but again with  vertically oriented  mittens.


Tubular sponge  from Senanus Reef

They can also be tubular with smaller mittens.


Tubular Cloud Sponge from Jervis Inlet

Some tubes lack mittens and can be confused with another species of glass sponge.


Tubular sponges on Strait of Georgia sponge mat

Some of these are likely Cloud Sponges based on retrieval of samples.


Cloud sponge from Steep Island south of Seymour Narrows

One specimen in a crevice in an area of strong tidal currents has a convoluted but very compact form