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A Glass Sponge Reef Symposium was held at the Institute of Ocean Sciences in Sidney, B.C. on October 28-29, 2008.   Many of the researchers and conservationists working on glass sponges associated with reefs were present.  At the end of the symposium a workshop was held to look at priority areas for research and conservation.   This is being compiled but in the meantime a few points are listed below for Cloud Sponges. 

> Direct experimental evidence that high silica required for growth

> Determination of maximum age of living sponges

> Length of time dead main frame remains intact

> Length of time the attachment of dead main frame to rock substrate remains solid

> Occurrence of glass sponge reefs in the Bering Sea: “The Sea of Glass”.

> Use of skeletons of known age as indicators to date past depths of anoxia in periodically anoxic fjords.

> Potential association of cloud sponges with methane seeps

> Compare and contrast biology/ecology of cloud sponges with other two species of sponge reef builders

> Full, long term protection of sponge reefs from commercial trawling.

Jonathan Grant,  Rockfish Divers,  videotaped along a permanent transect set up by divers at Senanus Reef.  Our plan is to resurvey the transect over future years.  A brief sequence along the transect is shown here.   View Transact Video