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This program was originally developed by Marine Science Camp students as an in house hypercard program for black & white Mac computers. It has been supported by: a Partners in Science Awareness Program, Information, Science and Technology Agency; Information Highway, Science and Entrepreneurship (ISE) Camps, Industry Canada, the B.C. E-teams, The Marine Ecology Centre ; and Shell Environmental Fund, Shell Canada.


Sean Aldcroft,  Ecoteam trainee Marine Ecology Centre,  compiled and edited material from the original hypercard program  and wrote most of the material for the shield limpet section.

Bill Austin,  Director,  Marine Ecology Centre, directed the  project,  edited contents,  and provided many of the photos.

Jackie Hendrix, Administrative Assistant,  Marine Ecology Centre,  provided guidance and editorial help in data entry and formatting 

Mark Bomford ,  student volunteer, worked with many of the students on their hypercard projects and also edited various sections as well as designing the title page graphic

Iris Churcher, Instructor, Malaspina University-College, drew  sketches for each species

Liz Hammond-Kaarremaa, Coordinator Educational Technology Centre, Malaspina University-College, worked with students on the original hypercard project and later facilitated scanning slides for the web site transfer.

John Austin, BCTN Online Services, transferred material from hypercard to our website and upgraded and edited much of the material for the web site.

Greg Bate, Live-PC Internet Solutions, Finished upgrading and editing material form hypercard program. much of the material for the web site.

Jonathan Churcher ,  Hawkeye Video Productions, worked with students on videotaping lifestyles and behaviours of animals used in the hypercard program.

Many students in our summer marine science camps directly or indirectly participated in the hypercard project.   These include:  

Cedric Bomford:  Common acorn barnacle

Oriana Walter : Limpet video

Robert Granger:  Sea cucumber

David Granger: Pacific blue mussel

Emily McGiffin: Hairy hermit crab 

Mark Pattison:  Hairy gilled  worm