Shield Limpet


Lottia pelta ("LAH tee ah  PELL tah") is a small  limpet common to our shores. The "pelta" part of its name means "small shield" which is apt naming for this creature.  In the past it has also been known as Acmaea pelta and Collisella pelta.

 The shield limpet is extremely variable in coloration.   It may be brown, green, greenish black, with or without white checks or white bands.  The shell may be smooth or with ribs. The apex is somewhat forward.  The shell  is typically about 2 cm but may reach 4.5 cm in the long diameter.


C. pelta has an oval shell up to 5.5cm long and 1.5cm high, most though are between 1cm and 2cm. The shell's peak is slightly forward of center but is highly variable with respect to coloration and texture. Colors range from black to white with grays, browns and greens mixed in. Patterns include scalloped edges, ribs and rays. A shell could be any combination of these colors and patterns.

One  form  of  the shield limpet


Photo from Maclachlan, D., and Ayers, J. 1979.
Sea Creatures.  Naturegraph, CA.
Collisella pelta

Variations of Collisella pelta.

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