Every summer the Marine Ecology Centre offers summer science camps for kids ages 9 to 16. These camps offers hands on field and laboratory studies of marine ecology, oceanography, and animal behavior in Cowichan Bay and the adjacent estuary. This year the Marine Ecology Centre has teamed up with Industry Canada to include an Internet component to the science camps. Participating students learn how to create web pages where they can present their field study finding and the methodology, data, and discussion.
Science Camp Studies Online
Science Camp 1 (ages 9-12) Science Camp 4 Part One(ages 9-12)
Science Camp 2 (ages 13-16) Science Camp 4 Part Two(ages 9-12)
Science Camp 2 part two Science Camp 4 Part Three(ages 9-12)
Science Camp 3 (ages 9-12) Science Camp 4 Part Four(ages 9-12)
Science Camp 3 Part Two(ages 9-12)

Project Supporters

This program has been supported by: Information Highway, Science and Entrepreneurship (ISE) Camps, Industry Canada; Summer Career Placements Program, Human Resources Development Canada; and Shell Environmental Fund, Shell Canada.

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